group playing$199 The Great Game Gauntlet.  90-minutes to play 9 games to find out who is the best gamer of the day!  3 dexterity games, 3 thoughtful games and 3 misc games with one winner!

$99 Date Night.  1 cooperative game and 1 competitive game for up to 4 people.  See how well you work together and see who is the most competitive in your relationship!

$249 Team Competition Night.  2 hours of competitive games where two teams of various sizes go head to head!  The Unplugged Arcade will choose the games to challenge your group.  Either sales vs. service, management vs. staff etc!

Absolutely incredible service! Sean is a wonderful teacher and will walk you through the steps of learning a new game with no pressure involved! I highly recommend this service and his knowledge to anyone looking to learn and have an overall fun time!

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