Frequently Asked Questions

games to playHow much does it cost? ~~ Rates vary due to group size, desired games and travel distance.  Standard events are $20/person/hour with event rates of $150/hour for groups of 8-40 or $200/hour for the full arcade including prizes for participants.  Special packages are available!

How does it work? ~~ The Unplugged Arcade travels to your event space and uses your existing tables and chairs to setup a large variety of board games, card games and actvities.  Our gaming experts stay at the event to teach and run all the games so things go smoothly and everyone has fun!

What games do you bring?  ~~ Each event booking includes a complimentary consultation to make sure the right games are brought for your group.  Ideally, the games in The Unplugged Arcade are uncommon and not known by name, but fit into genres:  Dexterity Games (stacking, flicking, throwing etc.), Cooperative Games (all the players working together against the game to complete a common goal), Word Games (A focus on word-association and word-assembly), Party Games (Large player count games that have a small twist to keep players engaged.  These can be art/drawing, picture association, get-to-know-you games, trivia games and more).  On special request, larger and longer "event" games can be requested; perfect for small groups that want to see what modern designer board gaming is all about from an expert at teaching these games!

Do you bring Arcade Games? ~~ The Unplugged Arcade's Sean and Theresa are proud that all the games available are "screen-free".  No screens, no power required, just games and activities that are new to you!

Can you play outside? ~~ With the cover of a tent or similar structure, certain games can be played outside.

Can I buy a gift certificate? ~~ Yes!  We then reach out to your party host or favorite office manager for a convenient time/place to have us in!  You can say "thank you" to your favorite people with a truly unique experience!

How many people can play? ~~ Smaller groups of fewer than 16 players work great with just one game runner and they can play lots of different games in one session.  Up to 40 players works for the two of us so we can keep everyone engaged.   Longer, more complex games really shine with smaller groups or one small group for each of us!

What kind of space do you require? ~~ That's entirely up to you!  If you have 1 or 2 tables,  we'll fill them with games and rotate out titles on demand.  Larger events with more space let us run more games and keep more people playing together at a time!  We do rely on your tables and space!

So much fun. Great for ANY event. Thank you Sean!!

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